Data Blending

Precision Analytics Group understands how daunting a task it is to sort through a client’s data to make of sense it. Our experts with work with you to determine exactly what end results are desired and the best way to set up your data structures to get there.

Precision Analytics Group uses a variety of toolsets to create the metadata layer, which will enable the reporting and analysis to be performed with ease. We use tools such as Alteryx to blend a multitude of data sources together to have a “one-stop shop” for all things data.

In the example below, we use an Alteryx workflow to blend several Excel spreadsheets together for a common end goal. The concept behind this is to blend two years of donor information with two years of event attendee information to compile a master file of donors and attendees. This will provide a dataset for the client to do more detailed reporting on donors and attendees.

Data blending is a super-easy way to get quick and actionable insights into your organization’s performance without burying yourself under a huge pile of graphics and reports. As long as you have the data available, the possibilities are endless. The above example was one way we have blended data for one of our clients. Allow us to work with you to model your organization’s data for future success!

data blending chart precision analytics group

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