Our Leadership

Hello there. My name is Chris Williams and I am the Chief Technical Officer of Precision Analytics Group, a company that focuses on the design and development of comprehensive business analytics. My expertise in data and systems analysis, data modeling and data integration, and complex reporting has enabled me to be an active contributor in the Business Analytics industry for over 25 years. I have taken my analytics knowledge and experience, customer service skills, and hard-working nature applied that to my own creation.

At Precision Analytics Group, we believe there is a way to have our clients embrace their abundance of data without being overwhelmed. Allow us to close that gap between large amounts of data and interpreting it to better your organization. We have a wealth of business intelligence experts who take great pride in identifying, diagnosing, and implementing solutions to organizational goals through data. We take the journey with you so you know what we know at the end of an engagement. We look forward to a great analytics conversation with you.