Many education institutions collect massive amounts of information daily from students, teachers, and administrators. This can be used to gain insight into your performance from the institutional level to the lowest level of granularity at the individual student level. Sorting through volumes of data is too complex for traditional to capture, store, and manage.

Precision Analytics Group can work with educators, decision makers, and other stakeholders to leverage the proper data analytics programs to aggregate of your data sets and compile them into a variety of comprehensive business-style reports to a series of dashboards rich with visualizations. Understanding patterns and trends in this data trail has enabled education specialists to develop learning analysis software which uses predictive modeling to generate student insights.

We have a wealth of experience working with K-12 institutions as well as colleges and universities in helping reach the educational and financial goals by enabling them to interpret their data. Specifically, we have helped K-12 school systems analyze the passing rates of students in elementary, junior high, and high schools in a district. The data available enabled us to dive deeper into the courses and the curriculum to determine what is working and what is not. This analysis helped revise curriculum when need to encourage better results.

For example, maybe a state is interested in examining the education levels and the high school graduation rates of every county. Having this knowledge could help the state identify areas that need more education funding to improve these statistics. Check out how we were able to set up that strategy in the use case for the State of Oregon Education Level Analysis.

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