Synopsis: Here is the latest episode of the Data Ideas Podcast hosted by Dustin Schimek and Brandi Beals featuring Chris Williams is packed with insights + inspiration .😊 Chris Williams is the founder and CTO of Precision Analytics Group. Chris has over 29 years of experience in designing, leading, and implementing full life cycle Business Analytics and Predictive Analytics. He’s also an Alteryx ACE and Tableau Ambassador. I encourage you all to register for this podcast at the Data Ideas Podcast!

Synopsis: Here is a snippet from the Portland Tableau User Group on how I use demographics to plot potential new real estate development.

Synopsis: Precision Analytics Group CTO, Chris Williams, takes some time to speak at the Summer Working Connections Virtual Workshop to discuss to college students and professors about Alteryx and how to take advantage of the programs Alteryx offers.

Synopsis: In this webinar, PAG’s Chris Williams outlines site selection workflows from finding a target demographic, to choosing the best possible new location. We’ll demonstrate how to choose which demographic variables are the most important for your analysis, how to generate Alteryx reports, and how to create an interactive Tableau dashboard displaying site accessibility and target markets.

Synopsis: Listen to this virtual interactive training session hosted by the CTO of Precision Analytics and our Alteryx For Good (AFG) team on the following topics: Exploring Spatial building blocks to determine which foodbanks are located in high poverty areas and Building business-style reports to share with executive leadership teams.

Synopsis: As more and more companies are trying to be predictable and prescriptive when it comes to data. My guest Chris Williams, CTO of Precision Analytics Group, LLC, discuss in a 3 part series, how organizations are using predictive analytics to be more data-driven and prescriptive when it comes to data. This is Part 1 of 3.

Synopsis: As I continue my discussion with Chris Williams. We talk about the importance and value predictive analytics brings to organizations.  This is Part 2 of 3.

Synopsis: As Chris Williams and I wrap up our 3 part miniseries on Predictive Analytics, we discuss the important of methodologies and processes and close with future trends.