Public Sector

All organizations and companies make numerous decisions every day on how to allocate funds, what to buy and sell, who to talk and communicate with, and what tasks are to be completed. While good decisions bring prosperity to an organization, bad ones can be detrimental. Well-informed, objective decisions can be made since they are based on evidence through a scientific, systematic analysis of valid, reliable data.

Analytics are used in the private sector to uncover new business opportunities and improve productivity. However, the public sector uses analytics to improve services to citizens at the Federal, State, or City level. This can be done by implementing technology platforms that can gather a multitude of siloed information and blend them together to identify trends. Once these trends are identified, a plan of action can be put in place to influence the desired outcome.

We have experience applying analytics to the War on Terror. We tracked terrorists’ incidents and their impacts by capturing the dead, wounded, and hostage victims for each incident across the world. This enabled us to not only track the incidents themselves, but also who was responsible for those incidents as well as where they occurred. The combination of these data along with other data allowed us to develop reports for Congress to develop foreign policy initiatives to protect human life.

Precision Analytics Group is authorized to work in Federal, State, and City Government. We have a Government Capability Statement that outlines our NAICS codes, DUNS number, and SAM number.

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