What kind of support will you provide us when engagement ends?2020-07-20T16:49:55+00:00

Once an engagement ends, the customer will have the option of putting a service contract to provide support for the products developed. We will work with the customer to create the best option going forward.

What kinds of contract options do you offer?2020-07-20T16:49:34+00:00

We offer a variety of different contracts that focus on specific Statements of Work (SOWs) for projects, short-term and long-term support/service contracts, and professional training contracts to name a few. Please reach to us at the Contact Us page (link) so we can find the best contract solution for you.

What do Analytics Projects look like?2020-07-20T16:49:08+00:00

A typical analytics project or engagement can be sectioned off into the following stages:

Identify – The analyst helps to identify and understand the problems and issues that the business is facing or would be encountering in the future. At this step there is significant interaction between the management team and analysts.
Plan – The analyst determines the type of data required, sources from which the data is to be procured, and how the data needs to be prepared for analysis.
Develop – The analyst creates the desired solutions based on the exploration and analysis of the acquired data from various angles, which produces results that are shared with the management.
Assess – The analyst measures the results of the strategies formulated and executed and provides an objective roadmap to revise and/or create future strategies and processes.

Precision Analytics Group can aid your business or organization at any of these stages. Please reach out to us at the Contact Us page (link) so we can get the process started.

Is Precision Analytics Group registered to work with the Government?2020-07-20T16:47:51+00:00

Yes, Precision Analytics Group is authorized to work with Local, State, and Federal government entities. Within the state of Oregon, we have several certifications (MBE and ESB) and we also have a DUNS and CAGE number. Please refer to our Public Sector area of the website. (Click here to forward people to the Public Sector section)

What geographies does Precision Analytics Group support?2020-07-20T16:45:40+00:00

Currently, we support the entire United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, and Canada. If you are outside of two areas listed, please reach out to us at [email protected] to further discuss your needs.

How do we get started working with Precision Analytics Group?2020-07-20T16:41:14+00:00

Precision Analytics Group will provide our new customers a free consultant session to discuss their needs and help them get on the right track in analyzing their data.

What is Alteryx?2020-07-20T16:40:24+00:00

Alteryx is a quick-to-implement end-to-end data analytics platform for your organization that allows data scientists and analysts alike to solve business problems fast. It provides users a drag-and-drop user canvas to create products called workflows, macros, and applications to solve these business problems. Precision Analytics Group is a proud Associate Partner of Alteryx. To learn about Alteryx, please click here (send them to the Alteryx partner page).

Who can help us with our analytics?2020-07-20T16:39:46+00:00

First, you have come to the right place! Precision Analytics Group is committed to working with your management team to adopt analytics. It starts off with knowing the data, understanding that data, and organizing that data to tell you an analytic story.
There are a variety of software suites that can help organize and process your data. We will work with you to determine the best way to address your goals and which software can help get you there the fastest.

Why are analytics important to my business or organization?2020-07-20T16:38:40+00:00

Analytics are used by businesses and organizations to make more informed decisions now and to forecast more accurately in the future. This thorough analysis helps decipher trends, patterns, and relationships within data to explain, predict and react to a market phenomenon. It helps answer the following questions:

  • What has happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What will happen?
  • What is the best strategy to address it?

To get a complete analytical picture, one must collect large amounts of data about a myriad of business functions from internal and external sources. This type of commitment to analytics can help a business or organization to improve their internal processes, increase profits, and gain new opportunities to grow.

What are data analytics?2020-07-20T16:37:04+00:00

The concept of data analytics is all about understanding and interpreting your data so that you can use that knowledge to drive actions. These interpretations will reveal the trends and outliers within the data, which might be otherwise difficult to note. Think of the concept as an objective, scientific way to convert raw data into information that helps guide difficult decisions.

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