Alteryx Training Courses

Precision Analytics Group is an Alteryx Certified Partner and would love to have the opportunity to teach your organization about Alteryx.

Here are the courses that we offer:

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Alteryx Designer 101: Core Concepts

Course Outline: This course is designed for those individuals who are new to or have limited experience with Alteryx Designer. We will explain what Alteryx is, how to use Designer, as well as how to build workflows. By the end the course, the student will be able to develop their own workflows. This course can be spread over two days or done all in one day.

Concepts We Cover:

  • Tour of the Designer layout
  • Inputting and outputting data
  • Understanding and Changing Data Types
  • Data Preparation
  • Blending Basics
  • Calculations
  • Parsing strings via Formulas
  • Ranking Data

Tools Used:

  • Input
  • Output
  • Dynamic Input
  • Select
  • Auto Field
  • Filter
  • Union
  • Join
  • Append
  • Summarize
  • Formula
  • Sort
  • Sample
  • Multi-Row Formula
  • Multi-Field Formula

Building Macros

Course Outline: This is intended for the Alteryx developers who are very comfortable building with any tools from the In/Out, Preparation, Join, Parse, and Transform categories. We will teach you how to parameterize a workflow for production, implement best practices for macro development, and create a variety of simple macros to alleviate repetitive processes.
This is a one-day course.

Concepts We Cover:

  • What a macro is
  • When a macro is needed
  • Understand three basic macro types
  • Build a simple version of each macro
  • Interface design
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Tools Used:

  • Macro Input
  • Macro Output
  • List Box
  • Text Box
  • Action
  • Control Parameter

Introduction to Reporting in Alteryx

Course Outline: This is intended for the Alteryx developers who are very comfortable with blending. We will teach you how to do static reporting (systematic and batched) as well as some interactive dashboards.
This is a half-day course.

Concepts we cover:

  • Understanding reporting snippets
  • Combining snippets
  • Outputting a report to PDF
  • Outputting 100s of PDFs with one reporting workflow
  • Interactive Dashboards

Tools Used:

  • Interactive Chart
  • Insights
  • Text
  • Basic Table
  • Layout