IBM Cognos Training Courses

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Precision Analytics Group employee has over 20 years of collective IBM Cognos experience and would love to have the opportunity to teach you how well-rounded the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solution is.

Here are the courses that we offer:

Introduction to IBM Cognos Administration

Course Outline: This course is designed for the individuals who are familiar with system administration and plans to learn more about IBM Cognos BI Administration. We will detail the server architecture, security, and the daily responsibilities of an administrator in the IBM Cognos environment.
This is a single-day course.

Concepts we cover:

• Server Architecture
• Security management
• Content administration
• Activities and jobs management
• Server administration
• Portal services administration
• Scheduling and task automation
• Monitoring Cognos and working with system KPIs
• Setting up resources such as shared paths and printers
• Additional customizations

Introduction to IBM Cognos Reporting

Course Outline: This course is designed for the individuals who want to develop simple and complex, business-style reports in IBM Cognos. We will detail IBM Cognos at a high level, the Report Studio interface, and the types of reports one can create.
This is a single-day course

Concepts we cover:

• Discuss and provide an overview of Business Analytics
• Overview of IBM Cognos Connection
• Introduction to the Report Studio interface
• Creation of basic reports (lists, crosstabs and charts)
• Creation of queries, SQL overview and understanding queries
• Grouping and sorting your data
• Creating hard coded and parameterized filters
• Setting up variables and conditional formatting

Introduction to IBM Cognos Metadata Modeling

Course Outline: This course is designed for the individuals who want to develop comprehensive report packages that will be used by IBM Cognos Report Authors. We will detail best practices with IBM Cognos’ data modeling tool, Framework Manager. How to model using a multi-tiered design leveraging dimensional practices to create and deploy effective enterprise metadata models is the primary goal of this course.
This is a single-day course

Concepts we cover:

  • Detail best practices for modeling with Framework Manager
  • Define cardinality, and examine how it is used by Cognos
  • Understand and control the use of determinants
  • Identify common data structures and modeling traps
  • Create a project and prepare metadata
  • Set properties to control query item behavior
  • Create a multi-tiered model design using namespaces
  • Understand how cardinality and context impact query results
  • Model query subjects vs data source query subjects
  • Examine SQL types and the Cognos Query Engine (CQE)
  • Use a three-tiered design to organize metadata logically
  • Merge query subjects and create a dimensional design
  • Create and populate business views of data
  • Enhance metadata with calculations, filters, and parameterized SQL
  • Review each query subject’s determinants and modify as required
  • Create custom packages
  • Review and apply package and object-level security
  • Secure metadata to allow appropriate access by users (row-level, object-level and package-level)
  • Create and deploy custom packages for different audiences
  • Understand how to leverage Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) in packages