Precision Analytics Group prides itself on producing the complete analytic story for the initiatives our clients would like to examine and address. We merge our clients’ data with other external data to create this analytic story. Some of this external data would be in the form of demographic and location data, which bring us to Precisely. Precisely offers the industry’s most complete portfolio of data integrity products, providing the trusted link between data sources and analytics that helps companies realize the value of their data and investments. Precision Analytics Group is honored to be partnered with Precisely so that we can collaborate to provide the best, comprehensive analytics solutions for our clients.

There are two specific items to which we would like to draw attention when it comes to Precisely products: The Precisely Data Experience and Precisely Enrich. The Precisely Data Experience helps teams make more informed decisions about the data they acquire. Registered users gain instant access to free sample data downloads, giving them the opportunity to isolate and assess the data that may eventually power their projects. To find out more about the Precisely Data Experience, please click on the link below:

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The specific Precisely product that Precision Analytics Group uses with regularity in its analytic solutions is Enrich. Precisely Enrich enhances decisions with business, location, and consumer data. These datasets provide significant value added to our client’s business process which in turn enables our clients to make better objective decisions going forward. There are five parts of the Enrich solution:

  • Precisely Streets: Robust street-level data for mapping, analysis, routing, and geocoding
  • Precisely Boundaries: Administrative, community, and industry-specific boundaries for data enrichment and territory analysis
  • Precisely Points of Interest: Detailed business, leisure, and geographic features for location and competitive intelligence
  • Precisely Addresses: Verified and validated address and property data for map display and analytics
  • Precisely Demographics: Demographic and consumer context data for better understanding people and behavior

To find out more about the Precisely Enrich product, please visit the link below.

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