In today’s data-driven world, harnessing the power of data analytics has the potential to drive positive change and make a significant impact on society. Alteryx, a leading data analytics and automation platform, recognizes the importance of leveraging data for social good. Its Alteryx for Good initiative empowers small nonprofits, educational institutions, and other organizations to utilize data analytics to address complex social challenges.


Empowering Nonprofits and NGOs

Alteryx for Good provides nonprofits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with the tools and resources they need to harness the power of data analytics effectively. The company helps nonprofits and schools in two ways:  smaller organizations get a free license to use Alteryx, and the Alteryx for Good team creates volunteer opportunities to link working data experts with nonprofits who need help getting started on analytics.

By leveraging Alteryx’s intuitive and user-friendly platform, nonprofits can extract insights from their data to optimize operations, improve decision-making, and enhance their social impact. Alteryx’s commitment to accessibility ensures that nonprofits can overcome data-related challenges and leverage the full potential of their data assets.


Data for Social Impact’s Key Challenges

Alteryx for Good supports organizations in tackling critical social challenges across various domains, including healthcare, education, poverty alleviation, environmental conservation, and disaster response. By utilizing data analytics, nonprofits can gain valuable insights into complex issues, identify patterns and trends, and make informed decisions to drive meaningful change. Alteryx’s platform enables organizations to derive actionable insights from disparate datasets, helping them unlock solutions and create a positive impact.


Skills-Based Volunteering

Alteryx for Good promotes skills-based volunteering, connecting Alteryx experts with nonprofit organizations to provide guidance, training, and support. This collaborative approach fosters a knowledge-sharing community, empowering nonprofits to build their capacity in data analytics and automation. By leveraging the expertise of Alteryx professionals, nonprofits can enhance their data analysis capabilities, streamline processes, and drive social impact more effectively.


Social Impact Challenges and Hackathons

Alteryx for Good organizes social impact challenges and hackathons to engage data enthusiasts and problem solvers in addressing social issues. These events bring together individuals and teams passionate about making a difference. Participants use Alteryx’s powerful analytics tools to tackle real-world challenges, creating innovative solutions and actionable insights that can be implemented by nonprofits and social organizations. The hackathons and challenges serve as catalysts for collaboration and encourage data-driven problem-solving.


Data Literacy and Education

Alteryx for Good focuses on promoting data literacy and education initiatives, aiming to bridge the data skills gap in the social sector. By partnering with educational institutions and organizations, Alteryx provides resources, training materials, and curriculum support to empower students and educators with data analytics skills. Through these initiatives, Alteryx equips the next generation of change-makers with the tools they need to drive social impact through data-driven decision-making.


Impact Stories and Successes

Alteryx for Good has facilitated numerous success stories and transformative projects across the globe. From helping nonprofits streamline operations to optimizing disaster response efforts and improving healthcare outcomes, these impact stories highlight the tangible results achieved through data analytics. By sharing these stories, Alteryx inspires and motivates organizations and individuals to leverage the power of data for social good.

PAG has helped several organizations with their analytics including San Francisco Marin Food Bank, Houston Food Bank, and the Oregon Change Clinic. Currently, we are helping an organization called Sabil USA with their data ingestion and organizational needs. Sabil USA, located in Tustin, CA, is a health and human services nonprofit that strives to improve an individual and family’s quality of life by rapidly providing them with equitable food, health, and financial security with dignity and respect. We are using Alteryx to organize their new and existing customers and connect those customers to their food distribution events. This will enable the organization to track how many customers are attending their events so that they can report these statistics to their parent company, Second Harvest of Orange County. We will be sharing our progress throughout the process of working with Sabil USA.



Alteryx for Good exemplifies the transformative potential of data analytics in driving positive change and addressing complex social challenges. By providing nonprofits, NGOs, and educational institutions with the tools, resources, and support they need, Alteryx empowers these organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and make a lasting impact on society.


By Chris Williams

Alteryx ACE, Certified Alteryx Partner,

and Tableau Ambassador